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Madhya Pradesh Museums

Central Museum, Bhopal
The Central Museum at Bhopal was established in 1949. On view are paintings, coins, porcelatin objects, metal and ivory toys and artifacts, woodcarvings and number of miscellanecous items like needlework and local handicrafts.

State Museum, Bhopal
As a museum devoted to archaeology, the State Museum exhibits antiquities like coins, sculpture, terracotta excavated from all the significants sites of the region. Also on view are paintings and handicrafts, especially those made by the tribal communities of Bastar.

Birla Museum,Bhopal
The Birla Museum displays the varied aspects of Madhya Pradesh's rich cultural and historical heritage. The objects on view date from the prehistorical period onwards. There are palaeolithic and Neolithic tools and implements, a scale model of the Bhimbetka rock shelter with its prehistoric wall paintings. On view are also stone sculpture dating from the 7th to 13th century from the state's numerous archaeological sites, terracotta dating from the 2nd century BC to the 6th century AD, coins and manuscripts.

Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal
In February 1982, a unique cultural complex called Bharat Bhavan opened in Bhopal. Built and designed by the well known architect Charles Correa, the complex is set in a number of low buildings cunningly woven around the banks of the lake. Here in one compound are the Rang Mandal, the theatre repertory, Anhad, the hall for classical music, Vagarth, the poetry library, Bahirang, the open air auditorium and Roopankar, the museum of art.

H H Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Scindia Museum, Gwalior
Situated in the Jai Vilas Palace, the Scindia Museum ai Gwalior established in 1964, is controlled by a private trust. On view are a variety of objects ranging from sculpture, bronzes, weapons, miniature paintings, manuscripts and coins. Also displayed are Persian carpets, cutglass and crystal ornaments, Chinese, Japanese and European art and bric-a-brac, Malabar and Madurai woodwork, a mechanical silver train which was used as drinks trolley and the gold painted Durbar Hall.

Archaeological Museum, Gwalior
The Archaeological Museum was established in 1922. On view are archaeological antiquities like sculpture, inscriptions, copper plates, inscribed seals, stone pillars and capitals, sati stones, metal images, terracotta and coins excavated from ancient sites like Pawaya (Padmavati), Besvagar (Vidisha). Ujjain (Ujjayini) and Maheshwar. Also displayed are copies of the frescoes and paintings from Bagh.

Central Museum, Indore
The Central Museum, established in 1929, was conceived as a purely regional institution. Consequently it displays antiquities from the western Malwa area of Madhya Pradesh. On view are paintings, sculpture, bronzes, terracotta, coins and architectural relics.

Archeological Museum, Sanchi
Like most site museums in India, this one also owes its genesis to an English general accidentally stumbling upon some ancient ruins around 1818. Eventual archaeological explorations revealed one of the richest sculptural finds of Buddhist heritage. The original stupa was started here by Emperor Ashoka. Successive generations continued to renovate and embellish the original brick stupa with exquisitely sculpted stone. This period of superb creativity stretched between 3rd century Bt and 13th century AD, blending Hindu and Buddhist styles and building a complex of stupas, temples, monasteries,etc. that remains unparalleled in excellence of form and beauty of details.

Archaeological Museum, Khajuraho
Khajuraho, once capital of the Chandela dynasty, is today known for its magnificent temples. In 1910 W E Jardine, the then political agent ofBundelkhand, displayed a collection of objects which he had gathered from the temple complex, in an open air enclosure near the western group of temples. First called the Jardine Museum, the name changed to Archaeological Museum in 1952.

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